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Consulting Services

Do you have profitability or performance issues in your company or division?  Do you want to increase your team’s capability or knowledge to more quickly solve these business issues and problems?  We can help you!

We help visionary business leaders breakthrough their biggest challenges to create superior results.  Based on the Win Holistic Transformation ModelTM, we customize your powerful strategy and guided execution process so you can enjoy fast results and reach your full potential for long-term success.  Win Enterprises, LLC is the only consulting company that has integrated proven Science of Success strategies with cutting edge business transformation principles to sustain the breakthrough results we achieve together.

The Win Holistic Transformation Model™

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We Help Business Leaders Transform Their Results By:

Developing Business Transformation Strategy

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” transformation approach

Customized, powerful transformation strategy to fit YOUR needs to enjoy fast results.

Learn More about Developing Business Transformation Strategy

Diagnosing Business Issues and Opportunities

Conquer the barriers to your company’s high performance

Discover your top issues / Define the actions / Determine the value / Deliver the saving

Learn More about Diagnosing Business Issues and Opportunities

Executing Strategy

Struggling to execute your strategy?

Your strategy execution on steroids – growing your leaders while crushing your goals.

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Driving Strategic Lean / Operations Improvement

Clawing and scratching to keep your customers happy?

Drive the “Core Work” to Accelerating Flow and Value to your customers.

Learn More about Driving Strategic Lean / Operations Improvement

Indoctrinating Leadership Principles

Got high impact value-based leaders?

Create your leadership growth machine.

Learn More about Indoctrinating Leadership Principles

Activating Team Building Methods

Does your company WASTE tons of time butting heads with each other?

Break through the barriers to high performance teams.

Learn More about Activating Team Building Methods

Facilitating Culture Shifting Initatives

Want that High Performing Culture?

Create the culture that will accelerate YOUR progress and guarantee sustainability.

Learn More about Facilitating Culture Shifting Initiatives

Executive Services Include

Profit Maximizer Program

Learn More about the Profit Maximizer Program


Executive Intensive Retreats

Want to take your executive team to breakthrough levels?

Advance your executive team’s performance by YEARS.

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Developing Business Transformation Strategy

Your strategy we co-develop with you is customized to EXACTLY fit your needs both now and where you want to take the company.

Based on three decades of experience, we have found is there is not a “one-size fits all” transformational approach. Each company has its own unique culture, history, customers, etc. When comparing transformation tactics, what worked for one company may not exactly work for the next. The constant for the companies that successfully achieve results is the holistic approach where principles remain the same. How to apply these principles is the “secret sauce” that has been developed and refined over long careers in leadership positions.  These successful companies also understand their approach evolves as the company matures.

We refer to this evolution of your approach as The Transformation CurveTM. In conjunction with the Win Holistic Transformation ModelTM, we know that businesses follow a predictable pattern as they are driving transformation. During the initial assessment phase of your business, we reference The Transformation CurveTM to define the sequence of initiatives over 3-5 years that will move the organization towards the targeted sustainable high performance environment.

The Win difference focuses on growing your internal capability parallel with implementation of your customized transformation strategy.  Win consultants have experience driving transformation from leadership positions as well as helping leaders such as yourself do the same.  The Win team has the ability (from personal experience) to help you navigate the various surprises that inevitably arise to knock the theoretical plan off track by staying true to principles while flexible in application.


Diagnosing Business Issues and Opportunities

Our Win consultants have deep experience with the perfect blend of executive perspective and knowledge of line management challenges.  During the diagnostic phase we partner with you to quickly assess your business issues and develop reasonable actions that have meaningful impact.

The Win Team’s approach is to look at processes from end-to-end, and understand the interactions and capabilities from a top-down perspective.  With this context we can then dive into specific functional areas to understand how they fit in work to optimize the whole rather than just the parts.  The diagnostic goal is to discover the issues and levers, describe what is possible, the required actions, and determine the value to your bottom line.

The diagnostic output will give you suggested initiatives, implementation areas, resource requirements and a finalized work plan that you can then share with your executive leadership team.

Following the diagnostic the Win team assists in the implementation of the work plan to help deliver the savings identified.  We focus on ROI from implementing sustainable changes.


Executing Strategy Through SEE™ / Strategic Goal Deployment™

Based on almost 3 decades of experience and research conducted we have developed and refined our proven and proprietary strategy execution approach called Strategy Engagement Execution™ (SEE™) to help your company improve your strategy and execution success year over year so that you can reach your full potential and create the massive success you envision.

With the SEE™ process, we “raise the bar” for what organizations should expect to achieve.  This process defines the “rules of engagement” such that your team will have a new sense of vigor and excitement as you strive to achieve levels of performance beyond what you had previously thought possible.  The SEE™ process is designed to help you grow your next generation of leaders through incorporating your strategy execution activity into daily activities as “just the way we do business”.

What’s exciting about the SEE™ system is that it can be the primary management system you use to achieve your strategic goals and propel your company toward its bright future.  The natural flow from top-level strategy through the business enables all your organization disciplines to focus on the initiatives that matter.  Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Engineering, HR, Customer Service and operations all engage their teams and create impressive results.


Driving Strategic Lean / Operations Improvement

A key component of driving sustainable breakthrough change is institutionalizing the principles first refined by Toyota in Japan commonly referred to as the Toyota Production System.  The Win group has deep experience helping companies leverage “Lean” initiatives to support strategic level goals.

Our passion for driving high employee engagement is evident as we work with your leadership team to infuse Lean principles across the organization and incorporate use of these principles into daily problem solving and continuous improvement activities.

Improvement initiatives may range from understanding and streamlining the flow of information and work to improving administrative activities through improvement kaizen events to make work easier, faster, higher quality, and lower cost.  We are comfortable rolling up our sleeves on the front line or helping your executive team define strategies to drive accountability.


Indoctrinating Leadership Principles

The leadership styles and behaviors in your company can make or break your profitability goals.  Successfully driving and sustaining change within an organization requires your leaders to possess strong awareness and skills within Win’s Conscious Leadership framework.

Win’s Conscious Leadership focuses on both personal and professional leadership growth.  We help your leaders grow from the inside out, developing a deep root structure to help weather the storms inherent to today’s pressures and trials.  Once your leaders have strengthened their foundation we guide them through the process to develop those future leaders within their teams.  Employee development includes helping their team to navigate the distinctive steps each person goes through to sustain these behavior changes.

By incorporating our Conscious Leadership principles within your organization you can expect to increase employee engagement including all the ancillary benefits, which typically includes increased profitability.


Activating Team Building Methods

Team building goes way beyond how well everyone plays together.  High functioning teams focus on both internal dynamics as well as continually improving how multiple teams interact and function.

The Win team building methods include systems to support accountability within the defined roles, responsibilities, and communicating expectations.  Team building is a continuous improvement process focused on team performance within the team and across the organization.  Activating our team building methods will help you reduce the inefficiencies and time wasted associated with playing referee.


Facilitating Culture Shifting Initiatives

Your culture will either help accelerate your results or get in your way.  If your culture is creating a barrier to sustainable breakthrough change we will help you first define the future culture for your company.  We then help you identify those aspects of your culture that you should keep and determine the initiatives to shift the barrier aspects of your current culture.  Our support continues as we work side by side to help you implement these initiatives.

This process helps you create clarity and alignment within your leadership team and select influencers in the organization.  We strongly suggest including key influencers within this process to include a broader voice of the organization.  The cross-hierarchy team consensus of the culture will accelerate your progress and help guarantee sustainability.


Profit Maximizer Program

When you join the Profit Maximizer Program you are part of a group of visionary Executives that are on the cutting edge of driving breakthrough change in their companies.  This group will challenge your thinking of truly “how far up” you can go and support you to raise your ceiling within your vision.

When you are part of our Profit Maximizer Program you will grow personally and professionally along with identifying the critical few strategies to implement to help your organization grow with you.   Ready to take your organization to the next level and be a part of an experience where you will grow as well?

By application only.


Executive Intensive Retreats

Win Enterprises’ Executive Retreats are a rare opportunity to get David and Pete’s personal help to create the high performance organization you envision.  Held in exclusive locations, these small-group retreats offer a focused environment that helps you revolutionize your Leadership … while giving you the personalized support needed to birth the vision and action plans to revolutionize the performance in your group or your company. If you are selected to participate, you’ll join a high-caliber group of executives who have been highly successful in their personal and professional lives.

We are looking for extraordinary and visionary leaders who believe in creating companies that draw the high caliber employees due to the engaging, creative, and continual learning culture.  These leaders are seeking Pete and David’s guidance in creating their vision and plan to help their company achieve amazing results.   If you’ve ever wanted to be surrounded by other leaders who share your passion and commitment to creating your visionary company, this is your opportunity.

By application only.  Limited participants.