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Win Consulting Team

Our Win Consulting family prides themselves on principle-based leadership in what they do and have holistic systems that can create integrated solutions so that your financials greatly improve while getting systems in place for long-term sustainability.  And they build your capability along the way.

Our Win Consultants have held leadership roles in industry before they were consultants to know “they have been there and done that”.  They have been in your shoes, get great client results, and a have great process.

You have access to an elite team of seasoned professionals who are hard-wired from our unique pedigreed experiences to drive fast and sustainable transformational results through Principle-based systems, value-based leadership, and high integrity interaction.

What sets us apart is the fact that everyone on the team has extensive experiences transforming businesses within pedigree companies.  Our deep experience and skills quickly assess reasonable actions that have meaningful impact.  Our team has the perfect blend of executive perspective with knowledge of line management challenges – We have fun being in both roles!

Our Sr. Consultants have held leadership roles in industry including VP of Operations; President; Director of Operations; VP Engineering; Corporate VP, Product Development and Engineering; Division VP, Worldwide Engineering; Chief, Operations and Management; Global Lean Director; GM Global Lean Six Sigma; Controller; Divisional Quality Director; Director of Engineering; and Director of Engineering Europe.

Based on these types of roles we know how to help you engage and inspire your teams to achieve a higher-level vision and solve your biggest challenges.  The Win team knows what success looks like and knows how to produce these same breakthrough results in your company.

We are obsessed with growing your internal capability parallel with implementation.  We believe we are on this journey together with you.  We help you successfully transform your business by creating an action-oriented culture of employee engagement in an environment of constructive dissatisfaction with the current processes.  We have the experience to help you navigate the various surprises that inevitably arise to knock the theoretical plan off track by staying true to principles while flexible in application.

At Win Enterprises, LLC we have an impressive team with tremendous depth of experience. The values that we embody are fun, integrity, connection, trust, openness to new possibilities, courageousness and initiative.

All of the Win Enterprises team members have stories of achieving excellent results working for great companies. They have their own unique skills and experiences that contribute to the Win Enterprises team. Our team is made up of personable resources (who you will find genuinely likeable as well as effective) that have the right balance of roles, experiences, and skills.

That said, we have fun rolling up our sleeves and working side by side with the leadership team at the front line to generate the breakthrough results.

We Help you Transform Your Results By:

Based on our personal experiences within top time-based and financial companies known worldwide for their breakthrough results, Win Enterprises makes world-class results possible when the three elements of the Win Holistic Transformation ModelTM is viewed as a core strategy.   Win has played an active role and personally led in business transformations for over 30 years.  The Win team knows what success looks like and knows how to produce these same breakthrough results in your company.

Win Enterprises, LLC Leadership Team

Pete Winiarski
Founder & CEO

Pete is Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. Based on three decades of leadership and continuous improvement experience, Pete understands what it takes to create high performing organizations. He is the creator of the Win Enterprises methodology, The Win Holistic Transformation Model™, which is based on proven and successful best practices, his three decades of applying operations excellence as a strategic weapon, and personally leading operational transformations. This enterprise-wide transformation model integrates Strategy Engagement Execution™ (SEE™), management systems, corporate culture, and execution practices in a comprehensive model used by all Win consultants.He had influential leadership roles at The Wiremold Company, Danaher, and McKinsey and Company. Building on a strong academic background with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration, Pete is also a life-long student of Continuous Improvement and the Principles of Success and Goal Achievement. Pete is a change agent, thought-leader on personal and professional achievement, and seasoned advisor to senior clients on personal transformational improvement.

All these experiences combine to create innovative perspectives regarding how to transform a business’ results. These perspectives have come together into what Win Enterprises believes to be the most effective way for a business to achieve and sustain its results.

He is the author of the #1 International Best Selling book Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days (Win Publishing 2012), and co-author of Win the Game, The Ultimate Guide for Your Successful Business Transformation. (Current release date – December 2019)

David Tweedt
President, Consulting

David is an innovative Transformation Expert with over twenty years of experience living and breathing Lean thinking in an engaged high performance culture. He combines Lean principles with business acumen and technical innovation to implement these high-performing cultures that foster the sustainability necessary for a true transformation.David has built a strong academic background with a B. S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a M. S. in Operations Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford. He is a Shingijutsu trained professional having held influential leadership roles at The Wiremold Company, Newell Rubbermaid, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center before joining the Win Enterprises’ leadership team.

His experience aligns with his passion for total company transformations using principles first developed within the Toyota Production System. David’s mentoring / coaching approach focuses on developing the internal knowledge in parallel to developing a high performance “lean culture” centered on team collaboration and mutual respect.

David is a thought-leader on organization wide Lean Operating Models utilizing the Win Enterprises’ framework, Win Holistic Transformation Model™ driven by The Transformation Curve™. He is contributing author to the best seller Elite Business Systems: Insider Strategies of Industry Leading Consultants. He is also co-author of Win the Game, The Ultimate Guide for Your Successful Business Transformation. (Current release date – December 2019)