Personal Consulting – Complete Business Transformation
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One-on-One Personal Consulting

Work with Pete Winiarski and/or David Tweedt to create outstanding results for yourself, your team, and your company.


There are multiple ways to get the personalized help you need:

Life Support / Jolt Your System

When you have new challenges or you need support to create the strategy

Ongoing Support / Implementation

When you have your strategies clear and you need support to get the results

By the Hour


By the Day

$11,000 / day

(up to 6 hours)

6 Month contract

$20,000 / month

(up to 12 hours)

12-Month contract

$18,000 / month

(up to 12 hours)

All sessions are conducted remotely and via Zoom video conferencing. And live in-person meetings also require an additional $10,000 per day plus all related travel expenses, including First-Class Airfare.

There are no refunds or guarantees for these services. All personal consulting fees and travel expenses are paid up front.