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Meet Pete

I’m a speaker, business consultant and author of Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days. I help business leaders totally transform their companies so they can achieve great results and ensure a great future for themselves and their teams.

My personal mission is to bring more fun, freedom and fulfillment into the world, especially for business leaders.

  • Fun: Everything you do should be fun, motivating and exciting
  • Freedom: We all desire more freedom… to pursue our dreams and interests, and to eliminate restrictions such as lack of time, money, focus or know-how
  • Fulfillment: Fulfillment is the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when your efforts are worthwhile

I bring together four incredible skill sets in a rare combination that enables me to provide the highest value to you.

First, I have extensive management and leadership experience. I’ve had the pleasure of working in great companies known around the world including Wiremold, McKinsey & Company, Danahar, George Group and Win Enterprises LLC. I’ve been a trainer, facilitator, supervisor, manager, vice president, principal, and president. I’ve helped multi-billion dollar international corporations as well as small businesses trying to grow. I’ve had hundreds of employees on my team, and I understand how to transform a company’s results.

Second, I’m a life-long learner and student of Success and Goal Achievement Principles. I’ve studied what I call the Science of Success for 20 years by reading everything I could get my hands on. I’ve invested over $100,000 in personal development and participated in many seminars, workshops and coaching programs. I’ve had mentors like Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Jack Canfield. In fact, I’ve been part of Jack Canfield’s Platinum Inner Circle, graduated from his elite Train the Trainer program and have assisted Jack at his trainings since 2008. I am also one of Jack’s 15 Senior Trainers that he hand-selected. I adopted what I’ve learned and have applied the principles and methods in all areas of my life.

Third, I’m a highly effective speaker, coach, trainer, author, and consultant. I’ve been in front of audiences as large as 400 and always receive raving testimonials as a speaker and trainer. As a coach, I’ve had the pleasure of helping business leaders, entrepreneurs, and college athletes break through their barriers and excel as individuals. And I’ve helped my consulting clients save millions of dollars.

Lastly, I have a knack for making concepts simple to understand. I’m quick to zero in and extract the main points from what I learn through books, seminars, and life experiences. I can then create the framework that enables me to share what I’ve learned with others, which shortens their learning curve!

The combination of these unique skills allows me to help you achieve your goals faster and have more fun during your journey! So come along for the ride!

See Pete

Pete in Action

Why Pete

“If you’re serious about achieving your goals then look no further! Act Now! will guide you down the path ”

Kathryn Hanford, Vice President
Business Process Integration, Hasbro, Inc.

“Thank you so much for facilitating our [MSP] workshop! I’ve received much positive feedback and feel the training was very value adding. I really appreciate the level of preparedness you brought to the training. You’re a real professional!”

Chris Steiner, Engineering Manager-Controls
Dematic Corporation

“Pete Winiarski is an illuminator of success. He enabled me to recalibrate my goals and polish my Lens of Belief. Everyone needs to hear Pete’s powerful message.”

Kathy McAfee, America’s Marketing Motivator
KMC Brand Innovation, LLC

“You have a real gift for formulating and disseminating information in a very upward communicative style which is paced, energetic and thought provoking. Your beliefs and genuine manner make achieving everyone’s full potential seem real and doable.”

Judith Rosenthal, Program Facilitator
Jewish Family Services, Schmoozer’s Job Network

“An energizing, galvanizing, powerful experience. Extremely helpful to identify where I am, where I want to go… and how to get there – realistically, and with that crucial element, joy. A tornado was created today. With deep gratitude to Pete! Touched a nerve and made a spark ignite!”

Daine Tishkoff
Creative Strategic Marketing Expert

“Pete Winiarski is a truly powerful leader, incredible mentor, and a very gifted teacher. He is committed to studying the psychology of success and teaching only the best practices the work. If you’re ready to dramatically accelerate your results in the next 90 days, implement Pete’s strategies now. Your life will never be the same.”

Sean Smith
Founder MVP Success Systems

“Pete Winiarski has applied his adept business expertise to create a “success guaranteed” plan for you. His clear and direct instruction will definitely inspire you to action!”

Dr. Deborah Sandella, Award Winning Author
Founder and CEO of the RIM Institute

“The workshop my athletes went through with Pete helped raise their awareness about what is possible. He opened their minds to what success is all about. It was perfect for them to hear, and was aligned with what I know in my heart – that we can have an amazing Division I Volleyball team.”

Ernest Vasquez, Volleyball Head Coach
University of Louisiana Monroe

“We had Pete Winiarski conduct a success and goal achievement workshop for our whole team, and the impact was well beyond my expectations. Not only was the team highly motivated as a result of the principles that Pete shared but we quickly implemented ideas that have already made us more effective. Our team is better now than ever, and poised for amazing results – the workshop was just the catalyst we needed.”

Alan Nathan, Business Owner
Nathan Accounting Group

“This workshop has helped me to better plan out my future through developing short and long term goals. A planned out and positive future can only lead to a successful future full of happiness”

Lisa Caruso

“The Success and Goal Achievement Workshop provided easy to follow steps presented in a simple straight forward style. In just a few short hours this seminar helped us to create a personal purpose statement along with the means to execute it”

Jeanine Longfritz
Nathan Accounting Group

“This was a mind blowing experience for me. Before today, I never realized how powerful the human mind is”

Jerrica Thomas, Student Athlete – Track & Field
University of Louisiana Monroe

“In the few days we spent with Pete, he was able to increase my confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Taylor Hill, Student Athlete – Track & Field
University of Louisiana Monroe

“Excellent experience! If you truly want to be successful take Pete’s lessons to heart!”

Lacy Bates, Student Athlete – Volleyball
University of Louisiana Monroe


Success and Goal Achievement

Pete has spent years studying the principles of Success and Goal Achievement. His mentor is Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles as well as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Pete is part of Jack’s Platinum Inner Circle and graduated from Jack’s elite Train the Trainer program. Pete is one of Jack’s 16 hand-selected Senior Trainers and has assisted at many of Jack’s seminars since 2008. He has studied and read everything he could get his hand on regarding the Science of Success, and has invested over $100,000 in personal development by participating in seminars, workshops and coaching programs.

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Act Now! How to Tap Into All 3 Types of Action to Easily Achieve Every Goal You Set

Many of us set goals. We’re driven by high aspirations of a better life with better results. We know that we need to convert our vision into discrete goals that will make our vision a reality. Despite the goals we set, we often find them elusive. No matter what books we’ve read or training we’ve attended, there’s still something critical we need to do – Take Action!

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Science of Success: What to Do and Why it Works

When Napoleon Hill studied over 500 of the world’s most successful and wealthy business leaders of his time, such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab, John D. Rockefeller, and others, he discovered and synthesized what they did to drive to that level of success. These principles are still valid today and we can emulate these great business leaders by applying these principles to drive success in our own lives and businesses.

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Bullet Proof: How to Achieve Great Results…in Any Economy

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Leadership and Culture Workshop

Pete has extensive management and leadership experience. He has had the pleasure of working in great companies known around the world including Wiremold, McKinsey & Company, Danahar, George Group and Win Enterprises LLC. He’s been a trainer, facilitator, supervisor, manager, vice president, principal, and president. As a business consultant, Pete has helped multi-billion dollar international corporations as well as small businesses trying to grow. He has had hundreds of employees on his team, and he understands how to transform a company’s results.

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Daily Leadership: Simple Actions to Improve Your Team’s Effectiveness  

Yes, strong leaders can be developed with guidance and some simple daily practices. What is it that great leaders do which enables them to lead their teams to higher performance? Great leaders manage performance proactively, drive fast paced problem solving, communicate…

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Transforming Your Culture: Leadership Actions to Accelerate and Sustain Results 

“If you don’t design your culture, it will design itself!” How do great companies produce outstanding results while their competition putters along? Great companies actively design their culture including the development of…

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Getting Stuff Done! Methods to Raise Your Productivity for Yourself and Your Team 

Are you thrilled with how much you (and your team) accomplish day in and day out? Or, are you frustrated because you’re super busy but seem to accomplish so little. The good news is that with a few guiding principles to organize how you spend your time and the choices you make throughout your day, you can gain full control…

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LCD Projecter
Wireless Lavilar Microphone
Wireless Remote control for Laptop
Staging, if available


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