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Attention Business Leaders…

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, or under pressure… AND you know you can get better results than you’re currently achieving…?

You are not alone!

All great leaders occasionally experience high expectations and insane requests from customers, or the board, or shareholders and the owners, or their bosses.

And, like all great leaders, you sometimes get frustrated. You know the reasons:

  • your team isn’t delivering the results that you know they should
  • your budget was just cut and you’re struggling to keep up
  • you have not had time to work on anything strategic because you’re spending so much time holding things together.

And, like great leaders, you sometimes experience pressures outside of work: family issues with your spouse, children, or even your aging parents that cause you headaches and concerns that could eclipse the challenges you have at work.

Maybe you’re in a rut and you’re feeling like things just are not working for you. You no longer feel alive doing what you do and, rather, you are struggling to survive.

Life is a full-time job… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  How you play your various roles translates into your personal health and sanity, and ultimately to the results you achieve.

Great leaders have the same challenges as everyone else – it’s just that the best leaders have found ways to productively handle and overcome those challenges.

Great leaders are like great athletes. Just like your favorite high-performing athletes, high-performing business leaders have a team of support resources to help them raise their game and win at the highest level.

We know how to support you, because we are those support resources great leaders use for support and to become the best leader possible. We are a team of business consultants and executive mentors with deep experience in helping companies and their leaders, like you, to survive, feel alive, and then thrive.



The Win Mentoring Program

The words mentor, coach, advisor, and consultant are all related and similar. Let’s simplify them for you.

When we play the role of Consultant, we are injecting our expertise and experience to help you develop strategies to solve your business problems, and then guide you to implement these strategies to make your company more effective and profitable

A Coach, in contrast, typically asks probing questions to facilitate your self-discovery of answers to their questions (which can be a slow path to results, and may not be lasting depending on the questions).

An Advisor is one who gives advice. We want to go beyond just giving advice and also help you implement the advice, which might include helping you dissolve the barriers that are getting in your way.

When we play a Mentor role, we are focused on YOU, the business leader and may coach or advise you as part of how we support you. We want to help you achieve deep and lasting results, as quickly as possible.

Our support for you is a blend of our consulting expertise, our understanding of psychology, human behavior, performance optimization, and our ability to help you make better decisions and to have better personal impact.

We want you to thrive and succeed at all your most important goals- including the results you create AND your personal satisfaction.

Our Executive Mentoring Program is unique and super effective

Sometimes it might seem like you are boldly going where nobody has gone before… but the reality is you don’t have to go alone.

You have access to our team of resources, so depending on your situation, you may want to have a conversation with one of our consultants to provide you business insights. We have experts in goal achievement technologies to help you accomplish your most important goals. We have our mentors with expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and in psychology who can help you shift beliefs that limit your performance and behaviors. We can also administer a variety of assessment tools to help you raise your self awareness. We also take you by the hand so you can learn and apply strategies to improve your personal effectiveness and achievement.

Our approach is a combination of on-site and off-site observations and discussions. When on-site, we get to know you personally so we can build a mutual, trust-based relationship. Off-site discussions can be via video or phone. We blend specific structured agenda topics, that are proven to help provide step-change levels of personal improvement for you with a flexible agenda to allow you to focus on your most current challenges and have impact on things that need to be addressed, right now.

Answer these questions about your current distress:

  • What are your biggest issues right now?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What do you complain about most?
  • What isn’t working for you?
  • What situation do you wish was different?
  • What results are you NOT getting, that you know you should?



Now, Imagine you could fix this distress:

  • What does that enable for you?
  • What results will you achieve?
  • How will your life be different?
  • How much less stress, frustration, or overwhelm do you have?
  • How much more impact, happiness, and personal satisfaction will you have?



Let’s chat and see if there’s a way we can help you create the life you want and deserve.

DISCLAIMER: Client is solely responsible for creating and implementing his/her own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from the mentoring relationship and his/her interactions with the Mentor. As such, the Client agrees that the Mentor is not and will not be liable or responsible for any actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the Mentor. Client understands mentoring is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.