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Executive Intensive Retreats

Win Enterprises’ Executive Retreats are a rare opportunity to get David and Pete’s personal help to create the high performance organization you envision. Held in exclusive locations, these small-group retreats offer a focused environment that helps you revolutionize your Leadership … while giving you the personalized support needed to birth the vision and action plans to revolutionize the performance in your group or your company. If you are selected to participate, you’ll join a high-caliber group of executives who have been highly successful in their personal and professional lives.

We are looking for extraordinary and visionary leaders who believe in creating companies that draw the high caliber employees due to the engaging, creative, and continual learning culture. These leaders are seeking Pete and David’s guidance in creating their vision and plan to help their company achieve amazing results. If you’ve ever wanted to be surrounded by other leaders who share your passion and commitment to creating your visionary company, this is your opportunity.

By application only. Limited participants.