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Determining Your Profit Potential

Identify the profit potential in your business using time-tested strategies that have produced 10-12% CAGR productivity consistently over 10-17 years! Take action to achieve your company’s profit potential by letting us guide you with our Rapid Diagnostic Program. Determine the top critical actions to move the needle toward your company’s profit potential.

Win’s Rapid Diagnostic Program is ideal if:

  • Your financial performance is nowhere near its potential- (low profitability/EBITDA)
  • You have a strategy defined but your team struggles to execute the strategy
  • You have quality, safety, delivery, or cost issues and not sure the best actions to take
  • Your competitors are beating you on lead-time and/or quality and are starting to take market share
  • Your company’s culture and leadership behaviors are frustrating your teams and driving your good employees to leave
  • Your company is growing and you need to grow the capability within your teams to keep in front of the growth

This is the order of magnitude improvement we typically see with our clients, so we are confident that you would experience similar outcomes with our guidance:

  • Improve your % profit by 2-3X
  • Reduce your overall lead time by 50 to 90%
  • Increase your labor productivity by 20 to 55%
  • Improve your equipment’s total daily output by 35 to 50%
  • Increase your site’s capacity by 25 to 80%
  • Enjoy a steady improvement in employee satisfaction

If your business is not flourishing, find out why and fix it! We can help you find your profit potential by utilizing our Rapid Diagnostic Program. We will Diagnose where the road blocks are, understand your specific issues, and determine the top critical actions for you to positively shift your results.

Our goal is to provide you an overview of your profit potential and to see your business flourish. Our rapid diagnostic includes a ½-day to 1-day initial on-site meeting to confirm hypotheses from the data you send us prior to our visit. After this on-site meeting, we will share analysis findings on your profit potential.

We will be performing one FREE 1-Day Rapid Diagnostic per month, so please contact us now and let’s chat and see if there’s a way we can help you identify the profit potential in your business.                                    

Contact us at or schedule a short call below.