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Do You Want to Effortlessly Achieve Your Most Important Goals More Quickly?


Learn these cutting edge Action Strategies and the ACTIONS you take turn into the RESULTS you achieve…so you can work less and achieve more!


The Ultimate Goal-Achievement Program

How to Identify and Take the Most Powerful Actions Toward Your Goals and Ensure HUGE Results!

This is the ultimate tool  to help you focus your time on the actions that enable you to achieve your most important goals faster than you thought possible – while also creating more free time and personal satisfaction!


The Action Strategies Program is based on Pete Winiarski’s #1 International Best-Selling book, Act Now! A Daily Action Log to Achieve Your Goals in 90 Days. Go beyond the book and let Pete take you by the hand!

Who is the program for?

Business Leaders

From big corproate America to the small business owner in a start-up company, your livelihood depends on you getting the results! A lot of times you ARE your business, and if your business  becomes irrelevant or fails, your entire net worth goes with it. Yet, if your business thrives, YOU thrive. When you use Action Strategies and teach your team to apply them on company goals, you will drive your business to it’s ultimate success!

Goal Acheivement-Minded People

If you already set goals, Action Strategies will help you to achieve them faster. If you’re an athlete looking to achieve your next personal best, this is for you. Maybe you want to reach a certain income or net worth target, or grow in your company and climb up the corporate ladder. You can also use Action Strategies to improve your relationships, get that promotion you’ve been dreaming about, get in shape, buy your dream car or home, etc … whatever your goals may be, use this methodology and go get it more quickly!

Coaches and Mentors

Are you a coach or mentor who wants to make an even bigger impact in the world? You can use the Action Strategies methodology to augment the expertise that you already have, and help your clients achieve their goals more quickly. Remember, the best mentors have their own mentors, and the Action Strategies program is the culmination of all that I’ve invested in other mentors with their programs, seminars, and coaching. You can now do the same and apply Action Strategies for your clients (as well as use it yourself as a goal-achievement minded person)!

Network Marketing Professionals

As a Professional Network Marketer, you know that your success depends on building a high-producing team. You can help your team produce amazing results by having them follow the principles and methods I’ve outlined in Action Strategies. You will help them be successful, which elevates you to much higher levels of personal income and success — more quickly than you thought was possible!

Meet Business Transformation and Goal Achievement expert, and creator of Action Strategies,

Pete Winiarski

Pete Winiarski

CEO, Founder, Win Enterprises, LLC

Hi! Pete Winiarski here. I’m the CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. I created the Win Holistic Transformation Model™  and also wrote the International Best-selling book, Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.

I want to introduce you to this Action Strategies Program, which I put together for you to go way beyond what you read about in Act Now . I hold your hand through these videos, audios, transcripts, and other bonus gifts, and will help you apply the methodology I teach so you can excel and get great results in record time!

Enjoy this program, and let’s get started together, right now.

Best luck to you,

Pete Winiarski

What do I get in this program?

6-module Action Strategies Coaching Program

14 powerful training videos

Audios and transcripts of those videos


Exercises, forms, templates and thought provokers

Surprise bonus content: Bonus interviews with Sean Smith, Dr. Deb Sandella and extra interviews throughout the program

Life Purpose guided visualization and other guided visualizations to help you tap into your unconscious and engage the Science of Success to work for you

Get the entire Action Strategies Program today for just $1,997 (a $8,500 value!)

What People Are Saying about this Methodology

“Pete Winiarski has applied his adept business expertise to create a ‘success guaranteed’ plan for you.  His clear and direct instruction will definitely inspire you to action!”

Dr. Deborah Sandella

Award Winning Author, founder of CEO of the RIM Institute

“It can change your life.”

Bruce H. Stanger, Esq.

Stanger & Arnold, LLP Attorney at Law

“Taking action is critical to achieve personal and organizational goals. In order to succeed in implementing our plans, we all need effective support systems. Pete Winiarski has put together a simple and effective tool that will help you stay focused and motivated until you get what you want.”

Jarslav Prusa

Leadership Development Trainer & Executive Coach, CEO

“I highly recommend Pete Winiarski’s Action Strategies. It is truly a template for success in both my business and personal life and continues to deliver beyond my imagination. I felt and saw immediate changes in my happiness, decreased stress and productivity. And best of all, it’s fun to use Pete’s tools and techniques to guide you on your path to success!”

Liz McNairney

Spa & Salon Owner

“If you are looking for the quickest way to achieve results, that road to success is right here! This is a concise strategy to make your 90 day experiment something that will change your life.  Author and trainer Pete Winiarski has trained with the best and it shows!”

Holly Carne

CEO/CFO MOM and Professional Coach

Why Put Off Your Goals Any Longer?!

Start now and take the first step to your ultimate success!