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Implementing Your Lean Manufacturing Process Is About Speed

Many companies attempt to implement lean principles or elements of the Toyota Production System. They strive to create a lean manufacturing process to eliminate waste and create a streamlined flow that

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Does Lean Process Improvement Certification Have Any Value?

There is an ongoing and sometimes raging debate about whether a lean process improvement certification has any value at all. For years I was on the side of the argument to suggest it had absolutely no

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Lean Process Improvement in Healthcare Has Unique Considerations

Lean principles were born out of manufacturing applications but have been creatively applied across a variety of industries. Healthcare is one industry that has witnessed a lot of creative lean thinking

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Of All the Business Process Improvement Techniques, Kaizen is Still One of the Best

There are tons of different business process improvement techniques that companies have tried over the years. Many are IT focused, where the next powerful software promises higher efficiency and service.

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Why Lean Improvement Process is Necessary

Every company is made up of interconnected processes that can be improved to perform better When you have a continuous improvement mindset, you believe that any process can be improved once you study it

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With Process Improvement Training, Get These in Place

Before You Make A Huge Investment In A Massive Training Effort, Make Sure You Know How It Fits Into The Big Picture Too often, companies march dozens of teams through process improvement training only

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