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Case Studies

Here are some brief case studies to give you an idea of Win Enterprises, LLC in action with clients, how we utilize the Win Holistic Tranformation Model™, and the results we achieve.


Install Mechanisms to Achieve Strategic Goals

Situation: An aerospace company had a history of its operating companies struggling to meet their financial commitments to corporate or hit their strategic goals.


Approach: Win shared the Strategic Goal Deployment™ approach with the corporate team and led the process at the first operating company. That company president was able to gain great traction and deliver beyond the expected results. Over the next few years all operating companies began to use Strategic Goal Deployment™ and cascaded the methodology multiple layers into the organizations.

Results: Strategic Goal Deployment™ provided the operating companies the means by which they could execute their strategies. Before Strategic Goal Deployment™, they would spend time to re-define their strategic plans each year, but didn’t necessarily achieve them. Now, they have the business focus required to continue achieving great results.

Consulting Investment becomes Self-Funding
Situation: Traditional legacy manufacturer in a shrinking market and losing share to a competitor in Asia. They must get significant cost reductions and add product lines to fill capacity or risk the site closing.


Approach: We first conducted a diagnostic to understand the total opportunity, design the future state production system, and prioritize what areas the client could attack first for immediate financial benefit. Over the first two years of our relationship, we utilized a number of the Win Holistic Transformation Model™ elements.

Lean Thinking

We led a number of Kaizen events to put in place the building blocks for their new production system, train the team in lean thinking, and drive quick financial impact to create a “self-funding” initiative by saving 4-5 times the consulting fees in the first few months.

Clarify Goals & Strategic Goal Development™

We conducted a workshop with the senior team to clarify their strategy and strategic goals. These strategic goals were then the input for the Strategic Goal Deployment™ process. After cascading the goals and improvement themes throughout the business, the Accountable Metric Owners defined their metrics and targets, and created action plans to hit their targets.

A Winning Team

We had a number of discussions over a one-year period to advise an appropriate organization structure for their business, one that included dedicated continuous improvement resources and gave their team development opportunities over time. We also coached senior team members to be more courageous and direct with the low performers they had been carrying on the team, as not addressing the problem was hurting their ability to perform as leaders.

Conscious Leadership

Beyond the coaching discussions with select managers, we also conducted leadership workshops for managers, supervisors, and single contributors to help them increase their personal effectiveness as leaders within the business.

Culture: Win’s involvement helped shape their culture to be action-oriented and embody engagement and continuous improvement as they launched improvement projects all through the organization.

Results: After the initial Kaizen work enabled the consulting engagements to be self-finding, the client experienced tremendous improvements in operations. Most of the 18-month operational targets were achieved after the first 6 months and had to be re-set, including a 1st year productivity gain of 15-20% in most areas. Financially, the cost reductions enabled them to greatly exceed profitability expectations and compete with the Asian competitor. The head of finance commented, “I never thought I’s see results like this”.

Cost Mandate in CPG Company
Situation: A Consumer Packaged Goods company was faced with a mandate from the Board of Directors to significantly reduce the cost per unit.


Approach: A diagnostic exercise proved the labor costs were out of control as temporary headcount was continually brought in to cover a myriad of problems. We observed inconsistent work methods, high equipment downtime, quality problems, an excess of inventory (no room to move in the warehouse!), and underutilized operations leadership – they were fighting fires rather than driving improvement.

We utilized a number of the Win Holistic Transformation Model™ elements.

Strategic Goal Deployment™

We utilized Strategic Goal Deployment™ to ensure the team was focused and aligned on the most important improvement themes, helped define the accountable metric owners, and helped them create action plans that would achieve their targets.

Lean Thinking

We led Value Stream Mapping (VSM) exercises to clarify issues with their current material and information flow and define their potential future state. We led a number of Kaizen events to begin putting the basics in place, including Standardized Work, Total Productive Maintenance, and Pull Systems.

A Winning Team

We coached the new Senior Vice President of Operations on the challenges he had with his team.

Conscious Leadership

We taught some Daily Leadership principles during the initial Kaizen events, especially pertaining to visual management techniques. The next step is to get the entire management team through a variety of workshops to future develop their leadership skill.

Results: Within the first couple of months, they experienced productivity gains of 20-30%, significantly improved overall equipment effectiveness, and have enough momentum to confidently hit the Board of Directors’ unit cost targets. Financially, they saved over 10 times their investment in consulting fees.


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