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Activating Team Effectiveness

Elevate your team’s performance by recognizing team performance issues. Determine the best opportunities for your team that will yield the highest immediate performance jump. Empower your team to be collaborative and work effectively together.

Win’s Activating Team Effectiveness Program is ideal when:

  • There’s a change in the team’s direction or leadership and you cannot lose speed
  • You form a new team and need to hit high performance-fast
  • You merge teams and need to accelerate the results
  • You have a team that lacks direction or vision
  • You have effective teams who want to become more high performing
  • You have dysfunctional teams or where interpersonal issues are a barrier to effectiveness
  • You need to empower and engage your teams


We facilitate a workshop for each team to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of that group and determine the focus areas within the team that will yield the highest, immediate performance jumps. We then guide you to masterfully execute team effectiveness initiatives which include building new skills and capabilities, as well as learning to anticipate and respond to the problems that inevitably arise.

We leverage the Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Model which is built on the 4 foundational pillars of: Process, Focus, Flow, and Climate to zero in on your team effectiveness dilemmas. By identifying your team’s specific needs, we help guide you to produce higher performing teams which, in turn, leads to higher returns.

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