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“Pete Winiarski has applied his adept business expertise to create a “success guaranteed” plan for you. His clear and direct instruction will definitely inspire you to action!”
Deborah Sandella, Award Winning Author, founder of CEO of the RIM Institute
“If you’re serious about achieving your goals than look no further! Act Now! Will guide you down the path.”
Kathy Hanford , Business Process Integration, Hasbro, Inc.
“Taking action is critical to achieve personal and organizational goals. In order to succeed in implementing our plans. We all need effective support systems. Pete Winiarski has put together a simple and effective tool that will help you stay focused and motivated until you get what you want.”
Jaroslav Průša , Leadership Development Trainer & Executive Coach, CEO
“Brilliant. Simple. Powerful. This book delivers.”
Marilyn Suttle , Author and Suttle Enterprises, CEO
“Act Now! demystifies the process of setting and reaching your goals by breaking down your goals into manageable steps that you control. Act Now! Can help put you on the road to success.”
Leland Brant , Co-owner, The Research Department
“Both a complication of the ideas of others and an insightful step forward on how to make it work. A simple and accurate way to move forward in defining the aspirations of the reader. This book can change your life.”
Bruce H. Stanger, Esq., Stanger & Arnold, LLP Attorney at Law
“Great approach for those who have a natural bent towards setting goals and breaking down into more manageable pieces. More of a challenge for those who don’t, or for goals that are more non-linear.”
Chris Goralski, CEO of SynGas Technology, LLC
“Why make something harder than it has to be? Act Now! Pete Winiarski has given the reader an easy to understand, and more importantly easy to follow and easy to use ideas, tips, and strategies to help them achieve their goals. This book is a must for anyone not only wanting to achieve their goals but to ACT NOW! “
Sharon Worsley, Sharon Worsley International, CEO
“If you are looking for the quickest way to achieve results that road to success is right here! In this deceivingly simple book is a concise strategy to make your 90 day experiment some things that will change your life. Author and trainer Pete Winiarski has trained with the best and it show. His years of experience and straight forward, but fun approach make this book accessible to everyone!”
Holly Carnes , CEO/CFO MOM and Professional Coach

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  1. Brandon September 14, 2015 at 12:04 am - Reply

    This all sounds wonderful! I’ll shoot an email later tonight, but from what I’ve seen, this is EXACTLY down my alley, down to the daily routines I’ve been trying to enforce.

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