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Take The Lead Radio – Featuring David Tweedt

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Featuring David Tweedt, Win Enterprises LLC

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Self-publishing and leadership consulting are topics of today’s show. Rob Price is the President of Gatekeeper Press, a full-service self-publishing platform for e-books and print. The service offers a suite of production and editorial services as well as distribution through all major e-tailers, for a series of a la carte fees. Gatekeeper also offers its authors a rare 100% royalty on their sales.

David Tweedt is the President of Win Enterprises, LLC. where he helps leaders break through their biggest challenges based on the Win Holistic Transformation Model methodology. He is a contributing author of the best-selling book Elite Business Systems – Insider Strategies of Industry Leading Consultants.

About the Author David Tweedt

David is an innovative Transformation Expert with over twenty years of experience living and breathing Lean thinking in an engaged high performance culture. David is a thought-leader on organization wide Lean Operating Models utilizing the Win Enterprises’ framework, Win Holistic Transformation Model™ driven by The Transformation Curve™. He is contributing author to the best seller Elite Business Systems: Insider Strategies of Industry Leading Consultants. He is also co-author of Win the Game, The Ultimate Guide for Your Successful Business Transformation. (Current release date – December 2017) Learn more at www.CompleteBusinessTransformation.com. Contact David: Info@WinEnterprisesLLC.com